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How do I sign up for training?

To sign up and attend any of our training sessions, please check our Calendar, for upcoming training days and times. 

Once you are ready to sign up, please contact us at 570-892-0199 or email us at info@torbecksafety.com.

How many employees can I send at once?

While we don't have a maximum limit to how many people a client can send, the class head count does vary based on the specific course. Please contact us at 570-892-0199 or email us at info@torbecksafety.com to discuss your specific situation and how we can accommodate your needs.



HAZWOPER is an acronym for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. 

HAZWOPER training is required, according to OSHA, to five groups of employers and their employees and includes any employees who are exposed to hazardous substances or materials and are involved in the clean-up, treatment, storage and disposale of hazardous waste.

Any employee who may be called to respond to an emergency with hazardous waste are also expected to be trained and protected.

Who needs to be HAZWOPER trained?

Any employer and employee who is exposed to hazardous substances, whether involved in clean-up, treatment, storage or disposal or may be called upon, in an emergency, to assist.

What is considered a hazardous material?

Per OSHA, a hazardous substance or situation is described as:

  • High concentration of toxic substances
  • Situation that is life or injury threatening
  • Imminent Danger to Life and Health environments (IDLH)
  • Situation that presents an oxygen deficient atmosphere
  • Condition thatposes a fire or explosion hazard
  • Situation that requires an evacuation of the area
  • Situation that requires immediate attention because of the danger it poses to employees in the area

What are the training requirements for HAZWOPER?

Per OSHA, employees and employers are required to complete a 24-hour or 40-hour course, depending on the job type and experience. Once complete, employees and employers are required to take an 8-hour refresher course each year. 

Employees and employers have 6 months to complete their HAZWOPER training at their own pace. Upon completion, each participant will receive an official certificate.

What is the difference between HAZWOPER and HAZMAT?

HAZWOPER refers to ALL training that deals with the operation and emergency response of hazardous waste, chemical spills or releases. 

HAZMAT is a term that is often used to discuss the transportation of hazardous materials including the production, use, disposal and cleanup. 

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Why is OSHA Training important?

Safety training is an important part of many employment locations and helps minimize injuries and save lives. Employers are legally responsible for providing a workplace that is free from hazards. OSHA training helps create a work environment that is focused on safe practices, for employees and employers.

What is OSHA?

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that ensures safe and healthy working conditions for employees by setting and enforcing standards as well as providing training, education, assistance and outreach.

All of the OSHA training by TORBECK follows OSHA's standards and guidelines.

Do I Need Construction or General Industry Training?

Construction Industry, as defined by OSHA is work for construction, alteration and/or repair. This includes painting and decorating.

General Industry is any industry that is not construction, maritime or agriculture. Examples of this would be healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and retail. 

Employers will, in most cases, instruct their employees as to which training they will need. 

Do I Need 10- or 30-Hour OSHA Training?

The 10-hour course is usually all that is required for many entry-level employees. Actual requirements will depend on what your workplace wants and requires. The longer, 30-hour course, is recommended for supervisors, site leads or managers who have an elevated safety responsbility.